List of Lodge Committees

Board of Directors

Responsible for caring for and maintaining the physical

property of the Lodge.

Bro. George Russell - 2019

Bro. Steve Gagne - 2019

Wor. Shawn Buchanan - 2019

Wor. Thomas J Butler - 2020

Bro. Jason Carlson - 2020

Wor. Bryan Wilson - 2020

Bro. Frank Sampson - 2021

Wor. Kenneth Partridge - 2021

Wor. Jerome Michaelson - 2021

DeMolay Committee

To establish and maintain relations with the local DeMolay

chapters, and to act as a liaison between the Lodge

and those chapters. To report on those activities when

requested by the Master.

Chairman: Wor. James P. Robbins

Masonic Awareness

Develops Awareness programs within the lodge to

stimulate attendance by our members and to attract new

candidates and to coordinate activities with the District

Awareness Officer.

Chairman: Bro. TBD

Masonic Ambassadors

Rt. Wor. Robert C. Schremser

Rt. Wor. Douglas J. Ellis

Wor. Erik B. Sampson

Wor. Shawn J. Buchanan

Wor. Thomas J. Butler

Bro. David J. Hebert


Responsible for the creation of new content and posting

articles and information on our website, facebook and

other means of social media and maintaining the online



Ensures that candidates receive proper instruction in

our ritual and are proficient at it as well as ensure the

candidates attend Lodge of Instruction:

Chairman: Wor. Bryan Wilson

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to oversee the

status of the Lodge’s funds and set the long term financial

direction of the Lodge.

Chairman: TBD

Proxy To Grand Lodge

This individual represents Oxford Lodge votes at

Grand Lodge as a proxy for the Master or Wardens if

they cannot attend.

Proxy: Wor. Jerome Michaelson

Relief / Community Outreach

This committee is responsible for allocating the charity

budget for the year and developing outreach programs

such as food drives and other support provided

for the Oxford Ecumenical Food Shelf.

Chairman: TBD

Representative to the Masonic Home

RW Robert C. Schremser

Service Committee

To report on the general welfare of the brethren and

their families, To compile data on those in need and

to report to the Lodge of those suffering losses and/

or joyous events. To arrange for visits to sick brethren

and to send well wishes to them in accordance

to lodge custom. To send cards of condolences from

the lodge to the families of our deceased brethren or

members of his family. Maintain communications

with the lodge Secretary concerning the welfare of the


Chairman: Wor. Erik Sampson


RW Robert Schremser              2021

Bro. Peter Betrovski                  2020

Bro. Robert Felice                     2019

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